What People Are Saying

“Christy Weir is a constructive voice on the City Council. She works collaboratively with city residents, staff, and other council members to resolve issues. Christy is making Ventura stronger through protection of our natural environment, enhancement of neighborhoods, and support for local businesses. I have found Christy Weir to be a hard worker and very responsive to the needs of Ventura residents.”

– Kate Faulkner, former Superintendent, Channel Islands National Park

“Christy Weir is a fighter for Ventura. She knows the issues, does her homework, and works hard to protect our environment and quality of life. We need her on the City Council.”

– Erik Nasarenko, Ventura City Councilmember

“The bottom line is Christy cares! She champions policies that protect our natural environment, she supports small businesses, and she heroically works toward preserving the historical character and charm of our beach town. When it is necessary, she is a maverick who considers what's important to the people of Ventura over powerful special interests. Her experience is what the community needs right now.”

– Cherie Egbert, Midtown Business Owner and Community Volunteer

“Thanks to Christy Weir, Ventura is helping lead the way in sustainability through a focus on urban forests, renewable energy and sustainable water supply. Thank you for all your work for Ventura, Christy! You are improving our City every day and helping us prepare for a green future.”

– Heather Baker, President, CLEAN International

“Christy’s commitment to keeping our cities safe and clean is also a critical part of protecting our rivers and beaches. With Christy’s proven leadership, these natural assets and our unique character can draw jobs that help create a sustainable economy.”

— Dave Armstrong, Downtown Ventura Partners

“I'm supporting Christy because of her strong advocacy for sustainability and the environment here in the City of Ventura. She has championed the Ventura River Parkway Plan, advocated for our City's urban forest and is seeking long-term sustainable solutions to help combat erosion along our coastline.”

— Brian Brennan, former Mayor of Ventura

“Christy is the most ‘apolitical’ City Council member we have. She resists the traditional party, union and special interests that try to sway her opinions. She is her own person.”

— Dan Frederickson, former President of Kinko’s

“During her years on the Ventura City Council, Mrs. Weir has been an outspoken advocate for pension reform and fiscal responsibility. She has led the formation of coalitions to revitalize downtown, Westside and Pierpont neighborhoods, and has brought people together to create positive change. She is a true collaborator who can build partnerships between city government, county government and the community to improve our quality of life.”

– Beverly McCaslin, educator and community volunteer

“Christy’s willingness to listen to the community is one of the pillars of her platform. Christy has proven to be an attentive leader who is deeply concerned in working toward responsible growth that is both smart and conscientious.”

– Miguel Rodriguez, Ventura Westside activist

“Christy studies the issues, listens to residents’ concerns and does a skillful job of distilling complex issues into terms the public can understand. She respects Ventura’s historic places, its parks, trees and open spaces. She works to preserve the character of Ventura’s unique neighborhoods and brings a vital perspective to Council. Re-elect Weir in November 2020!”

– Kathy Bremer, City of Ventura Parks and Recreation Commission

“We appreciate Christy's common sense leadership, her preparation for council meetings, and the intelligent questions she raises on agenda items. We believe her willingness to listen and reply to public concerns and her endeavor to seek solutions are of great benefit to our community”

– Carol Lindberg

“We need an intelligent voice of reason to continue on City Council; Christy is that person!”

– Joe Vaughan, former Buena HS Girls’ Basketball Coach (state championships)

“Christy's environmental stances support preserving Ventura's hillsides, open space, Ventura River Watershed and quality of life. She is an outstanding representative for the City of Ventura. Her outreach to residents and willingness to attend community events and meetings to listen to public comments benefits us all.”

– Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation

“Endurance, stability and vision in leadership are crucial. If history can be our guide, Christy is the choice for City Council. Her public service was founded in history (saving of our Cross), and her historic record epitomizes community benefit.”

– Cynthia Thompson, Ventura Historian