As we plan for the future, important decisions will need to be made to retain Ventura’s small-town character while providing quality services to a growing population.

Physical Structure

Streets need to be well-paved and clean, for safety and appearance. Sidewalks and landscaping need to be upgraded and maintained. Historical buildings should be preserved and renovated to remind us of the importance of Ventura’s heritage. New buildings should conform to strict quality and design standards, to enhance the beauty of our natural setting. There should be limits on “high density” and mixed use development to prevent over-urbanization.

Community Services

Police and fire services are the city¹s core services and should continue to work together to maintain our public safety. Developers should be required to plan for parks and bike paths in future building proposals. The proposed Westside park needs to receive adequate funding from the city for completion. More attention should be paid to attracting tourism through marketing, as well as making our downtown and harbor areas more attractive to tourists through quality dining, shopping, recreational and cultural opportunities. Hotel and sales tax revenues from tourism bolster the city’s economy, benefiting all residents.

Community Relationships

In any vital community, healthy relationships between residents, groups,
churches, schools, business and government are essential. Positive change
can be made only when people work together. Avenues of communication need to
be strengthened and mutual respect fostered.


Ventura is blessed with an abundance of natural resources that benefit our residents every day — mountains, rivers, coastline and rich agricultural land. Stewardship of these resources is a primary responsibility of our citizens and our government, as we carefully balance economic growth with the preservation and enhancement of our environment. Protecting open space, greenbelts and orchards should continue to be a priority.